Simply Thank You


Once again Thanks for Your help and input to GTOUK Dave !


That you @spiros I appreciate your kind words… good luck getting the car fixed… and watch those claim handlers hire cars… I lost sleep over doing that recently… but all went well in the end :+1:

Dave :kissing_heart:


Dave, I’ve never met you and don’t think I’ve spoken to you over the forum, but whilst I’ve been a member of this club for around 4 - 5 years, I’ve always been interested in your comments/posts. Although I must admit that I’ve sometimes not quite understood everything you’ve said ! Lol. I think I’ve even shared some of your pain - especially around “Smokin”. I think you project an image of being a fairly simple kind of a guy - but I think your much more complex than that. If people can’t accept that - then that’s their problem ! I’m far from perfect myself. I would like to wish you all the very best for now and the future and I for one would be saddened if you ever decided not to grace the GTOUK forum. Most importantly, look after yourself and your family.


Thank you for taking the time to write that, I can see you don’t often comment/post so means alot more tbh.

However it’s not about what I thought people think about me, was just simply explaining how/what I did whilst secretary.

I certainly have never taken offence from what the more active members have thought about me or said… ( should I use a finger emoji there… maybe not :rofl:)

Just life gets in the way…

Once again thank… and hope you continue to enjoy gtouk :+1:

Ps I don’t understand myself at times, but I hope this makes sense.



Thanks for your help over the past year Dave, you’re knowledge on these cars has been a great help to me.
Good luck with the Porsche and whatever car you move onto after that!