Simply Thank You

Once again Thanks for Your help and input to GTOUK Dave !


That you @spiros I appreciate your kind words… good luck getting the car fixed… and watch those claim handlers hire cars… I lost sleep over doing that recently… but all went well in the end :+1:

Dave :kissing_heart:

Dave, I’ve never met you and don’t think I’ve spoken to you over the forum, but whilst I’ve been a member of this club for around 4 - 5 years, I’ve always been interested in your comments/posts. Although I must admit that I’ve sometimes not quite understood everything you’ve said ! Lol. I think I’ve even shared some of your pain - especially around “Smokin”. I think you project an image of being a fairly simple kind of a guy - but I think your much more complex than that. If people can’t accept that - then that’s their problem ! I’m far from perfect myself. I would like to wish you all the very best for now and the future and I for one would be saddened if you ever decided not to grace the GTOUK forum. Most importantly, look after yourself and your family.

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Thank you for taking the time to write that, I can see you don’t often comment/post so means alot more tbh.

However it’s not about what I thought people think about me, was just simply explaining how/what I did whilst secretary.

I certainly have never taken offence from what the more active members have thought about me or said… ( should I use a finger emoji there… maybe not :rofl:)

Just life gets in the way…

Once again thank… and hope you continue to enjoy gtouk :+1:

Ps I don’t understand myself at times, but I hope this makes sense.



Thanks for your help over the past year Dave, you’re knowledge on these cars has been a great help to me.
Good luck with the Porsche and whatever car you move onto after that!

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