As per title Pace Sky + digibox 80g, model TDS470NB, box is my Dads who after having it for 6 months & countless hours tuition from myself cannot still grasp even now how to turn it on, once its on he is fine with it but as soon as it goes into standby overnight then thats it he cannot work it again till i go & visit, We have now realised his tv has freeview built into it & that is a little easier for him cos it all works from his original remote :wink:
So basically its 6 months old barely been used & never been recorded onto ( we had not got that far yet in his tutoring :roll: )

£50 delivered

Cheers Julian.

There a setting in the sky + box that stops it switching off onto standby… we never turn ours off
ever… :wink:


Ill take it for my mother as her hdd is starting to fail.


I’ve got a spare if anyone needs another (sorry to hijack Julian) Anyone that’s interested go to Julian first until sale is confirmed.

If anYone’s got a HD or terrabite box they want to get rid of let me know.