Sky Insurance still cant be beat!

Just got my GTO re-insured…and no one can get any close to the deal they did me.

28 year old
3 convictions (1 due to expire end of month anyhow so 6 points)
£250 excess
GTO 1991 - Non-turbo
17" alloys no other mods.
5000 miles
£641 Fully Comp!

Premier Insurrance wanted £729, 3k miles and 400 excess. So went with sky :slight_smile:

If your reading this Jason, many thanks! top guy :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Just changed to Sky, £401!

No contest really…


Just check your renewal price, they were over £100 more, before I talked to them. Still with them at the mo.

i have been with them for 3 years but have now ditched them as the premium had increased by £30 this year for no reason,

have now gone with norwich union via the post office, they were £80 cheaper :shock:

bye bye sky :wave:

I rang Quote me happy ( Norwich Union ) & they quoted £923, Sky sent me my renewal & I have had a ring around ( like you do ) so now armed with my better prices I rang Sky back who promise to price match any like for like quote & lo & behold they kept their word & matched the best price I could find, not only that they are one of only a very few that will still give an agreed valuation, so I for one will stick with Sky for at least another year :smiley: