Sky Insurance :(

I was keen to get a quote from Sky now my car’s back on the road and all the positive comments on the board. Called them yesterday, arranged to email them the modifications and the guy said he’d call back this morning.

No call so I called them to see how it was going so he tells me he’s waiting on some details back from underwriters. I thanked him, reminded him I needed to know what they could offer this evening at the latest and was half way to hanging up the phone when I heard him talking again, turns out he didn’t actually have the email I sent ie. hadn’t even spoken to the underwriters yet!

Still waiting on my call back so Flux got the gig… for the 5th year running.

im sorry to hear that.

ive just renewed my insurance through sky for the second year running and had no problems what so ever.

it will be interesting to see if they do contact you back!!

To be totally fair to the guy I did send to the wrong email address yesterday evening but resent this morning immediately after finding out. Unfortunately it didn’t bounce so I didn’t realise it was wrong, but maybe suggests it got grabbed by a catchall so someone should have got it and passed onto him.

Was just looking forward to possibly finding someone else who has realistic prices other than Flux.

Hi, I’m really sorry to hear that. Please PM me your details and who you spoke to and I’ll get on the case asap


Sky Insurance

PM sent Ollie, thanks for your attention.

I had a similar experience unfortunately

I phoned Sky up last wednesday for a quote, mentioned that my renewal was due on the 11th october - i gave all my details and told him about all the mods on the car (which isn’t very much at all to be honest) and he said that he would have to refer it to the insurer for a quote and that he’d get back to me

Unfortunately i never did hear back, so yesterday lunchtime i phoned Adrian Flux and took them up on their renewal


I guess they just don’t like us or something…

Ollie, were you going to get back in touch any time soon? I PMd you the details 10 days ago but haven’t heard anything yet.

Hi Chris,

my apologies, I think there have been crossed wires here, we understood that you have taken out a policy with a different company hence why we didn’t get back to you with the quote. I’ll send you a PM, and please accept my apologies for the lack of contact.

We do like you , I promise :smiley:


Sky Insurance

Ollie - Ok, no problems. I thought I’d asked for the quote anyway as I had a 14 day cancellation period with the other policy and I’d have liked to compare what you could offer. No matter, I’ll try again next year. You can say to Graham just to leave it now, ta.