SMOKIN is up for sale 1992 4 bolt TT or px immaculate auto na


Want to swap for a faded red vauxhall corsa and £350? Geeza? Looking for something to redline the s**t out of with my geeza mates. Ps, I’ve only just got my license back. Can I test drive it, then say no thanks after? Insurance is too high. I’ve got 6 points already…the end


Now now Terry brexit will happen at some point and he will have to leave :joy: ffs whiskey demonds


I’ve been offered better tbh a Saab convertible if I drive mine to Wales… fkin idots can’t read for ■■■■


Haha… Well I tried to be nice… sort of!!


So was I :joy::joy: swear filter would have melted


I have been out tonight and purchased something… :astonished:


Ooh ooh tell


Yawning already Nav …


how do some people live that long when they are that stupid ??
im looking for a car but got nothing close to the money for your car but would if i could :slight_smile:


That account name rings a bell. Pretty sure I got an offer from them when I was selling mine. Wasn’t quite as insulting as that but still rediculous! I think you can block people on ebay but I never worked out how.


Yeh you would not believe the nerve if some people… I’ve person on here took up 3 hrs of my sunday was about to buy it but has trouble with getting the funds from his “mum”
Im club secretary I have access to all ip addreses … :+1:


No no no Dave. Give your proper title (if the swear filter allows it)


Received a message this morning from my freind…

Don’t see any mention of Perkins there do you ?


Didn’t realise it was your car?? Haha. Many people could call your cars many things. But the one thing it is above all else is unique! Who’s car did they think it was??? :rofl:


Good answer Max.

Tracie :dog:


That’s why I never worry about the safety off the Hulk on the drive, everyone knows who it belongs to :wink:

Tracie :dog:


He probably just gets bored on sunday nights after his bath for school


Oh dear we’re off and running… :rofl::see_no_evil::poop:


Anyone know this car?



I know that car! Apparently the guy selling it has an auto aswell that he will throw in for free if he gets the full asking price :joy::joy::joy:

@Daveperkins I will come over for a look - I’m skint though so will have to put 50p down and buy on the weekly :joy: