SMOKIN is up for sale 1992 4 bolt TT or px immaculate auto na


##Taking offers on smokin :sob:
Gotta go… you all know what it is, its running perfect but I can’t drive it do to health reason’s, obviously rather it stayed in club, I’ve Spent over 12k and have a huge history file of previous rebuilt engine etc plus most of the rest, dynoed at 328 on 11 psi. Original bonnet, lights, active spoiler are available too.


Right bump on this, I am unable to drive him it is driving me crazy seeing him sitting there :sob:
Full mot, one of the best and quietest mk2 engine’s, fully Sorted ready for shows.
New climate control display just fitted, huge history file, Obviously modded, bhp Dyno at 328 ( not pushing it) clutch vac del just done so clutch is now good, done about 25k on full rebuild by previous owner. I stopped counting at £12k as you all know as I bang on about it enough :joy:
Will break my fkin heart but that’s the way it is, I don’t want to eBay it to some Idiot prefer it goes here or to someone that knows someone… yes I am serious this time thanks for l👀king.

Wrap looks like this in the sun or under light

Willing to px immaculate na auto if someone wants to take the leap to a sorted tt (cash my way)


There isn’t an unlike button for this :rage: Good luck with the sale mate


I am with Craig on this one !! Its a shame dave :man_shrugging:


NO !!!
You cannot do it laddy


To speak from a selfish point of view i would rather you sell smoking for a car you can use if it means being able to spend more time with you both at shows and events again next season


You are getting a replacement auto gto/3000gt aren’t you.


Totally understand your logic here Dave as much as you love him it’s upsetting you not being able to drive Smokin because of the problems with you arm.

We are looking for a new car for me in the next 2 months and would so love to see Smokin and Hulk on the drive together…ermm…theres a thought.

Sad time for you really but don’t do anything rash, others have and regretted it afterwards.

Tracie :kissing:


With NOS :joy::eyes: @jensenrichardson
@ScottMR I felt a tear in my eye… seriously :kissing_smiling_eyes: feeling the love thanks but it’s the way it is :sob:


sorry to read this dave i know how much you love smokin hopefully you can find a good auto and get yourself back driving a gto



l,m sorry to read this as well Dave, you have put a lot into this car but there seems to be a number of autos out there right now and some at not big money.
so get an auto and maybe get modding, a turbo or two, l have a spare supercharger!! that was on an na.
Seroiusly good luck mate who gets ypur car will have something unique.


Good luck with it Dave, it’s always sad when You have to part from something special !


Sorry to hear this dave
Why don’t you employ a chauffeur to drive you around!!! Part time you know🤣
It will be like these futuristic cars there plan on doing!
You could be like SIR DAVE (NO SHOW):joy:
Jerry :grinning:
Good luck mate


Been asked for a few inside pics

Just Joined, Soon to Buy

Idiot time :sob:


You will no doubt get a message from the self proclaimed “Lord” offering you £1k and then when you turn it down you will get another one offering you £1001…


He is not in the scene anymore now
Jerry :grinning:


Still walking this earth though sadly


He made so much money on the side scrapping Gto’s he’s bought a house :joy:
Tax paid I’m sure :+1:


Pity the sword didn’t slip when he was ‘made’ a Lord :grin:

Terry :sunglasses: