So UK cars are NOT cheaper than GTO's to insure

not in this case at least…

Well halfway through getting my (Ant’s old) 3000GT fixed i suddenly thought i had better get some quotes to see how much to insure the CAT c car would be.

My old GTO…all mods declared and agreed value of £7000 was £550 FC

same age 3000GT with alloys and exhaust valued at £2000 is £600 FC

The funny thing is both cars are through the same insurance broker :? :lol:

Also the CAT C makes no difference as all they would need is a copy of the VIC and MOT when repaired. Incidentally its also the same company that wrote the car off in the first place.

Also did a check and the cheapest quote was £1300 with a £850 excess :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

Well my NA GTO costs MORE than my 3000GT to insure

£600 (inc all mods - 13ts, maft pro etc etc) for the GT
£780 for the GTO

Same broker (a-plan)

Sometimes i just dont quite get that! lol!


I’m feeling that too. I’m on the phone to Sky as we speak. I really need to pay under a grand for it this time :frowning:

OK, so the cheapest I could squeeze out of anyone was:

2 years NCB
3 points SP30
Standard 1996 3000GT
£250 excess


And it’s taken me ALL day!!