So What Is The Club Doing at JAE This Year? 2015

So What Is The Club Doing at JAE This Year?

Most of those attending will have been before and know how it goes, but for the new members who haven’t attended this year here’s a quick run down of how the weekend will go, plus some details for the everyone.

So What Does is The Club Doing

The Club hires a large marquee for the weekend.
Professional DJ for the weekend
Food - 2 x Breakfast, 2 x Evening BBQ
Soft Drinks
Tea & Coffee


Cowboys & Indians Theme
Fancy Dress (Optional - but don’t be one of the few not dressed up)
Toys - we will have a Rodeo Bull for a Rodeo Tournament, Wild West Bouncy Castle and Crossbow Shooter, so lots of fun planned.


Sumo Fighting Competition
Race Night (this will be Mid afternoon to early evening)
Then Party Through The Decades with DJ Peps
Ending with Rave - get your Neons ready to Party

The Club also makes a lethal punch over the weekend, but believe me, it is not advised to drink this all weekend, so bring your own preferred tipple too.

The Event has a huge amount of traders and stands, food outlets, visit the JAE website for further details or on Facebook.



What time do people start arriving Friday @stevie, just so I know when to leave so I can put me tent up early :wink:

Terry :sunglasses:

@just_cool what ever time you want to arrive Friday morning , feel free to just arrive , i would say you want to be there before or around lunchtime so you can enjoy the rest of the day and chill

Craig :smile:

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