Some advice on this please?

Hi All,

I was a member here over 10 years ago but due to rel life I had to sell the GTO, anyway I’m looking to get another one of these great cars but not only have times moved on but also has the prices.

I want to get a pretty standard twin turbo with relatively low milage and the link below seems to fit the bill but having been out the game for ages I would really appreciate some advice from you guys?

Be as honest as you can.

Thanks in advice

Welcome back

For some reason link doesn’t work ,

Are you “Tent atively “looking :nauseated_face::tent::joy::man_facepalming: Your name reminded me of JAE many years back .

Your looking out for rot a lot more than back in the day when you had your last one , they are no worse than other cars of the era , but it’s worth having a dig around underneath

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Thanks CDMH, your memory is better than good. :slightly_smiling_face::rofl:

Your right they are they same but back then a standard “spares & repairs” was not £6k, looking around they all seem to have gone up a lot but not some much the NA ones which is odd.

If the guy is right and the only issues are a new alternator and the Active Areo not working do you think its worth the money?

Thanks for correcting the link.

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The alternator will not cause the ABS fault

I have been told this car is not in good condition and is very rusty underneath, its not got folding mirrors so it most probably a 3000GT

Buyer beware take some with you that knows these cars otherwise you may under up getting burned with this one

Cant even be arsed to clean it speaks volumes abour the seller !!


It’s had a lot of work on past mots if you check them , same problem as a lot seat belt mounting welding etc , under bonnet it’s minging but that’s easy enough to spruce , the one mot is strange it failed , sat for a year all bar doing six miles then was retested and failed , looks like somebody may have bought it as a project .

Alternator swap is easy , but I would want it cheaper incase of any unexpected problems , As @GSXRKID Rob has said need to go into that one with eye wide open

Thanks for the headsup GSXRKID, I assume you know someone who’s given it the once over already?

My memory regarding these cars and this website is slowly coming back, I remember years ago you had your fingers in a few pie’s so do you know someone selling a decent standard one that needs a little work/TLC?

CDMH -I think I’ll give this one a miss and keep looking but will also take the advice and pay someone who’s knows them to come along with me.

Great website as always!

Thanks again

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If the one you’re looking at is that one near Amersham then it is a 3000GT - has headlight washers including button inside and EGR on the engine pictures. It’s been for sale for some time so he may be bartered down. As others have said it it’s solid underneath - just the usual surface rust and with with the issues mentioned I would get him lower to I guess around 5K in the current market as 3000GT s always appear to be worth more than GTOs never sure why?

Depending on where you are I would take a look just to get a feel for them again- and yes either an independent mechanic or a fellow member could help with viewing.


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Lockdown hasn’t been kind to me , no need to be so hurtful :joy::joy:

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I’ve found another GTO Twin Turbo which is a 1991 and has been SORN since 2010, nothing too worrying on previous MOTs.

Just Cool has already given some good advise ( not seen pics or advert yet) but any thing you guys could add would be appreciated.


""This is a listing for my Mitsubishi GTO. Purchased it a couple of years ago from a customer who’d had it stored for a number of years. Bought it as it was very original. The paintwork all looks factory and has original graphics on the side from new.

My mechanic has spent the last year going through various things on the car which include changing brake pipes, suspension rubbers, the engine has had a full service, new clutch, but I’m just not going to have the time to finish it because of other projects.

Work left to get it through an MOT I think is 2 tyres and the exhaust looking at.

The main issue with the car is it needs a replacement gearbox, as although it drives, it does jump out of gear. Had this investigated last year and the main shaft in the gearbox is warped. It will need this replacing.

The interior is in very good condition, but does need a good clean. The outer bodywork would be acceptable with a good machine polish and a little bit of detailing, it would be very presentable to use without major expense.""

Up for £5,000, over the phone he said the best he’ll take is £4.5k but I think there is still a bit of movement.

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Make sure to look underneath, mine had some welding done last mot and there still a few bits that I will want to sort out at some point

The ariel I’m guessing won’t go down and that is fixable

Looks like 1 wing mirror doesn’t fold in either

A few of the pipes also shows where it hasn’t been used and probably need replacing as it will be perished

But other than that it looks standard, which is good as hopefully it won’t be bodged

The gearbox is not cheap and when I had my clutched changed (might aswell do that with a new gearbox) it cost me about £500 in labour

I dont know if I would be willing to payout 4.5k without a mot or even an attempt at a mot as it could throw up alot more things


Thanks for the advice Jason.

I’ve paid for membership now.


If it helps there is a 5 speed spares box on eBay at the moment- damage to the bell housing. If it’s a TT box (advert not clear) I’m sure you could make a good 5 speed out of the two - could be worth a shot - of course check all the splines 18 vs 25 :+1:

Good luck

I’ve got a tt 5 speed gearbox with transfer box 18 spline could potentially sell not 100% sure on condition inside but the splines are like new so ,I bought it years ago as a spare but since I bought another 5 speed 25 spline with upgraded shaft with upgraded transfer too so I might sell the 18 spline one for the right price.

Thanks for the heads up gents, if I’m honest I don’t understand what the 18-25 spline difference is?

Splines on the output shaft from the gearbox to transfer box , early tt cars were 18 spline , later were 25 , the latter is supposedly stronger

Thanks CDMH, as the car is on a 91 plate I guess it is an 18 spline then?

Gto-power1 I’m seeing the car next week but if I get it how much are you after for yours?

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Hi i will dig it out next week and take some pictures for you,would yo want both gearbox and transfer ? They both came from the same car .

Can you do pics and prices for both mate please.

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