Some help for a newbie

Hey guys been lurking for a while while restored by first GTO and now onto my second, shes a belter, 98 VR4. I know its a longshot but would anyone have or know where to source a driverside inner sill or have a whole shell they’d be willing to sell. Also any good recommendations for a stereo ? Cheers for any help in advance

Welcome to GTOUK !

Hi and welcome to GTOUK


Hi and welcome to the club.

Vr4 is a US designation, in this country its either a 3000GT or a JDM GTO.

Whereabouts in the country are you and put some pics up of the car, don’t worry if its not mint, the guys here are suckers for photo’s.

Radio is personal choice, some put double din units in, (like me and a lot of others) and some put single din units in to keep the tray underneath the radio.

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Welcome to the club and good luck with your car, lots of good stuff in here to tune into.