Some old pics from past JAE events

After a quick chat yesterday at the south west meet, about JAE 2010, I’v dug up some pictures I took (as promised), so thought I would just share them. feel free to tag cos I havent a clue whos is who here.

Enjpoy :blush: The last pic is from 2009, the rest are from 2010

JAE 2009

The green one is some guy called @stevie on here that’s got a blunt hacksaw :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
Is the red one Neil’s motor before the transformation??? :open_mouth:
Don’t know about the other two.

Terry :sunglasses:


Not sure if that is Neils. He has his NLZ plate in all the pics I have seen but it may be before that. Some of the old boys will be along to say who’s is who’s shortly I’m sure! Its odd seeing the Hulk with a roof! haha

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Its Malcolm’s not mine, great car.


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Top Pic and working down

Jerry sc (supercharged )
Chazzy B
The last one not sure as Malc had his car on a H plate

Craig :smile:

Told you the old boys would be along :wink:

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The car in the background with Tango on the plate was DBLT’s car David Taylor , random fact Number plate was stuck on with boob tape and he forgot to take it off driving out of the site , then struggled to peel it off :laughing:

Craig :smile:

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I’m surprised to managed to remember anything past “boob” :joy:

In the background behind @stevie car are 3 very dubious characters up to no good i would imagine :laughing:

Rich Morris , Dave Bates and a very upstanding well behaved person in the club , namely myslef :wink:

Craig :smile:

That front bumper of chazzyBs car is different was it a custom job? Kinda wonder what it would like like on a ml2 in red :wink:

You might be right Craig also wrong spoiler, wheels and mirrors.


Also wasn’t malcs car a slightly more orange/gold than red?

Malcs car maybe not as orangey as I remember :frowning:

this was 09 remember , i did look when he resprayed it but pretty sure it always had the h plate and the wheels he has on have been on for a while as Brendan had the same ones .

Malcs isnt orange but there is loads of fleck in the paint ,

Craig :smile:

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Is he still a member?

No idea mate :smile:

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@MalcB Is this him? Worth tagging… You still here? :slight_smile:


Craig :wink:

Blooming kids lol

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Ha ha oh yeah!! Oh well maybe they will both be back?!

He is listed as a full member for this year though !! :slight_smile:

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