Some pics from the first ever aberdeen meet

heres some pics i took today,was a great day out and met up with the aberdeen posse :lol:
ended up taking a run out to a nice small pub on the outskirts for something to eat,and see the looks we got 8) mint
heres a small vid of the run out to the pub,and i didn’t answer my mobile :wink:
Scott Sharpe uploaded this video to


nice job lads, always nice when a meet comes together!

heres to many more!


Those pics came out really well…if you pm me your email I will try and get the ones of us at the pub across to you. It was a great day out - really pleased the weather held out for us. Had a play with a RR Phantom on the way back - those things can shift!!

Well Done guy’s i am glad the weather was good for you.

Nice turn out too

Now you just have to build on it and see what happens.

Good luck

Cheers Rob

i posted up my email on the future events post for andrew,so if you look there andy you’ll get it mate.
and i never saw a phantom i was well away,what happened to you 70 all the way :wink:

was passed by some vectras as i was cruising at 80 gto :lol:


heres some pics andrew sent me (sspeiper)

Much better than what I have…you can make out the cars! :wink:

ditch the phones mate and go into cameras :lol:

Sadly the camera is good on the phone - carl zeiss tessar optics 3.2 megapixel. The main problem is the monkey that is clutching the phone and pressing buttons - and assumes that good camera equals good pictures! :wink:

And who says it always rains in Aberdeen?

Glorious sunshine. Sadly my red head is a testiment to being lulled into a false sense of security at our al fresco lunch with the cooling breeze.

Wee bit burnt. Shaven head - baseball cap = sunstroke.
Oh well, more fluids it is then…

Great day out guys, thanks to you all for making the effort, especially Scott and Andy who travelled 2 hours plus (depending on what story you listen too)! to join us, appreciate your efforts there. We had 6 cars in all and a glorious day.
Chooch finally got his last payment for the de-cat pipe I fitted ages ago, sspeiper and myself finnally met after weeks of frantic waving at each (yes, my bald head caught the sun too, a good reason not to buy a spyder)! Andy (ad087) impressed us all with his phone collection (and a nice blue Mk2) and between him and Ewan (chooch) they got my data logger working at last thanks lads. Scotts engine bay was very impressive, as was his Japanese symbols across the windscreen…all home made and very proffessional…I thought it was something to do with street raceing etc but it turned out to be a Capri style Tracey and Barry type slogan…but cool non the less.
Andrew (sspeiper) managed to upturn his DTMs just a little more after his sppedy reversing at the pub…that followed his ABS test behind a little old lady who decided she couldnt be arsed to indicate…next time he does promise to be in bed before 3am the night before!!!
The red car that joined us in Duthie Park was a new one to me, and guys I forgot to make a note of your names, sorry but you were both very up to speed with getting stuck into GTO stripping, engine building and clutch repairs in particular…we also had an honourary Skyline rep at the meeting…see we are multi cultural up here!

I followed Ewan back along the road home and that exhuast note is something else! 2 x 3" independant pipes all the way back! Being at the back didn’t please my daughter as she thought is was a race (I guess it was on the way out when I struggled to keep up with sseiper as we hit at least 70+ :wink: :wink: past a disgruntled Laguna diesel driver who then tried to catch us! Scotts was concerned that his NA car would struggle…didn’t seem to make any differance to me, nice looking car too Scott.
All in all, a great get together for our first time and a great set of people too…I think we are all planning to attend the Crail Banzai magazine weekend on April 29th…looking forward to it. Thanks again.

I’m looking forward to Crail - I might even have a new rear spoiler by then! Just hope we get similar weather for the day there. It was well worth the trip to see everyone and for the drive out. I knew that one GTO will turn heads but seeing the looks that 5 in formation created was amazing!!

Cheers Mark,

I think that you have pretty much summed the day up for us there…
I think I’d give the credit to Andy for setting up your datalogger, seems he knows a few options I didn’t know of…

I’ll agree with you on the Laguna, as it wasn’t until I looked at my speedo I realised it was going quite quick…

I was also really impressed with the amount of work that Scott had done to his car, especially those evil vents…

Hmm, so I guess that’s 3 of us that felt the effects of the Scottish sun on our heads :oops:

Looking forward to the Crail meet, hopfully they’ll take some pictures of Scotts car this time. :smiley:


P.S. it’s a twin 2 1/2" - 2 1/4" straight through exhaust… just before we get a debate about exhaust sizes! :wink:

Ah only 2 1/2" but your right I better quote it correctly, either way its a unique sound and so crisp, I really like it!

I get my race harness fitted tomorrow, and I may well strap on the helmet next time out too, up the pace a little…

Yeah, then you may well ram the old lady out of the way and flatten them DTM’s well and truely! If I dont have Holly with me then I’ll even use all the gears next time!

Sounds like a good plan, lol.

My exhausts are my new bumpers…

Really good pics guys, and im still gutted i missed the day :cry: Deff have to organise another one though, the better weathers coming too, sounds like u all had a really good day!

and Scoob… i so want your wheels!! :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

We did mate, but sounds like you need to rest up for a bit and then get better at fighting…or faster at running…are you in the RAF up at Elgin by any chance?