Some Pics

(Mick Webb) #1

Hi everyone,

As promised, some more pics of my GTO :grin:

As you can see, she does need a hell of a tidy up. Particularly the engine bay, and hopefully try to sort those panel gaps out at the front (I suspect it’s had a little shunt at some point). Interior needs some work, ideally new door cards or a retrim of the originals, and either retrim the seats or replace with aftermarket and trim the rears to suit.

Could also do with having the rev gauge looked at as it moves, but sure as hell ain’t reflecting the engine note lol. Well, not unless it doesn’t rev above 3000rpm which is highly unlikely going from the sound of her.

Think they’re probably the majors, then it’s just generally tidying up the inside and outside of the car. Would be great to get her looking and operating like new again.