Somerset Car Club

Hi All,

After a lot of looking for garages and workshops in Taunton area my friend and I have decided to bite the bullet and go full scale.

We are setting up a private car club near Taunton for car/motorcycle enthusiasts. We will be looking to find 8 - 10 permanent members from the local area.
The basics are as follows;

  • It will be setup as a not-for -profit company / Members only club.
  • The purpose is to ensure that members can maximise the investment in their vehicles.
  • Every member will have allocated workspace to treat as their own.
  • Every member will have enough space to store their car near to their workspace.
  • Every member will have access to at least one ramp/lift based on scheduling.

Members will pay a monthly fee based on an annual contract. this will cover the costs of the club including larger tools, insurances, business rates, rent and so forth.

The club will also benefit from a part time administrator to run the club and also help members manage their own vehicle administration including taking parcel deliveries and managing mobile technicians, ordering parts, etc.

Current expectations for the rental are £200 per member per month - but this may vary slightly with the property we ultimately settle on. There will also be the opportunity for the club to generate income to offset members costs. These will be discussed among the members.

If anyone is interested please message me back. Also if anyone is interested in copying the model elsewhere in the country we will be happy to cooperate in providing documents, rules, administration processes etc from our learning curve.


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Like the idea of having a club with designated work space so good luck with it :sunglasses: sounds a great idea

One thing i do know though over the years is its been hard enough getting 20 quid off some people for a years membership :laughing: without them moaning

Pretty sure though you will get a good variety of cars for the fees , keep us posted if your allowed of the motors you attract

Craig :smile:

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Cheers Craig,

I will keep the forum upto date.