Soon to have Event Kits

We are setting up two sets of Event Kit Bags, these will have two 5m GTOUK Teardrop Flags an Event Shelter and two 600mm x 2440mm GTOUK Banners, all inside our new personalised Kit Bags. :slight_smile:

One to be used in the Midlands/North members
and the other to be used by the Southern members.


No more trying to squeeze the Event Shelters into their original bags


for once im saying nothing about that picture !!!

Craig :smile:

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This is a brilliant idea! Couple of things:

  1. Surely you could have got Tracey completely in the bag :wink:
  2. Can the Southerners have the candy floss machine?

I must say though this is one of the best ideas I have seen from the club and should really help with creating meets and getting people involved.


Thats actually bigger than the tent Dell bought to JAE one year :laughing:

Craig :smile: