Sorry guys im back

couldnt stay away just love the look of the money pits haha . bought a mk1 pearl white tt ,been sittting in a garden for 9 years so a few bits of welding needed and other stuff ,started stripping the car just now . deleting the aircon to take some stress off the engine (heres hoping my lucks in with this project ) .ill get the car stripped down and respraying it in a 2 stage pearl white to keep costs down ,hopefully be ready within 2 years . this car will stay standard which will be hard for me but im learning these will be and are going up in money . ill be in touch with rob over the next few months as need some parts . if anyones going to the classic car show in 2 weeks in birmingham that has a spare passenger side wing id buy it on the day lol goin down on the sunday so will be over to the stand for a chat .

cheers scott (scoob)


Welcome back to the mad house

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Hi scott , long time no see

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Welcome back Scott. Blimey it’s been a long while since I saw “scoob” on here.



Cheers guys yea been a while lol still can’t get away from these cars tho haha

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John have you still got your car ? Know anyone breaking a gto local I need a few bits .

Welcome home scoob

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Hi scott , There was 1 a few months back in edinburgh on gumtree he wanted a grand for it but it was in a very bad condition underneath .

Ye i still have mine im in the middle of repairs just now .


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Told You so Scott :crazy_face:

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Old thread but you might see it , 1 in glasgow scott