Sorry if i Missed Your call ..... Someone Wrote My FTO Off

Sorry if u called and got no reply from my phone this afternoon.

But some nice woman who could hardly speak any English decided that she did not like my FTO and promptly crashed into the front of it.

I am Ok, but the FTO as a lot of you know was immaculate……

Well it is no longer……… :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Again I am sorry for missing your calls.

Open for business as usual tomorrow (Thursday)

Cheers Rob

sorry to hear that rob :frowning: hope it doesn’t take much to get it fixed

■■■■ nightmare…

I remember the woman who hit me…first question I asked was you better be insured :evil:

its hurta when it is totally out of your control and some non driving idiot smacks into your pride and joy…

hope it can be sorted…

You ok then?

Was she insured…is it gonna be covered?


[quote]You ok then?

Was she insured…is it gonna be covered?


That’s exactly what I’m thinking, I hope you walked away uninjured? Sorry about the car dude. :frowning: But glad you’re ok! Was she insured?

i was one of the ppl tryin to contact you today as you know, firsty i’m glad you are ok and able to get back to work, even if it is with a sore neck, knee and ankle!!! :wink:
i have never seen your prized fto, some pics would be cool?

don’t worry bout the discs, i can live without for a bit, not to long tho, jus have to drive her steady…

you have been a great help and i will definatly sort you a little somethin out at jae :wink: :wink: i have somethin up my sleeve that you boys may like!!! :roll:


I’ll call later, but good to know you’re ok. If Mike, Stef or I can do anything, give us a shout!