South West meet

Is anyone in the South west interested in meeting up before Christmas?

Its been a while since we all got together so though it might be nice. How about somewhere around the Exeter area for lunch. Or even possibly meet up one evening?

Hi Dave,

We are up for that, let us know when and where.


Hi Dave,

Depends when really but it would be nice to do something.

J :slight_smile:

Was only thinking the very same today!
as said, when and where?

I’ve been thinking about something similar too!

Certainly interested in a pre-Christmas meet 8)

How about Taunton?

I cant expect everyone to come as far east as Chippers … but Taunton seems like a reasonable “in the middle” of the West Country compromise.

Can **only **make Saturdays tho Im afraid.


Taunton sounds good, where we went before was nice. I am booked up on Saturdays to the end of the year.

I am struggling to make a day before christmas.

The first Saturday I can make is the 3rd of Jan.


What about 3rd of Jan then? its good for me as I dont have football (Sundays are normally quite bad) and Taunton would be great :smiley: :smiley: :wink: I could book us in to the local place which is just off the motorway and open all day.

I know its getting close to Christmas now and people are busy etc so how about then people? Mark / Russ any interest or preferences?

'Fraid I won’t be able to make the 3rd of January - can do the weekend after though?

Will be up for a meet.

Not particularly bothered about dates.


Iv not met anyone yet apart from the Sumiyaka team.

Id like to go along and see some other GTO’s for ideas etc. I’ll may come up in the Saxo VTR and race any N/A’s that come along :stir:

Any solid dates yet?

Right I’ll make a stand then :lol: 3rd Jan (Sorry Scott) at the Worlds End pub 12:30 ok for everyone?

Its off M5 J26, take the turn of the motorway roundabout towards Wellington. Follow the road to the next roundabout (about 1/2 mile and there will be a garage opposit). Take the 4th turn of the roundabout towards Taunton and follow the road for about a mile. The pub is on the right hand side and the car park is round the back.

If people let us know if they are coming along I’ll book a table etc.

Will see you there. :smiley:


should be ok for that!

Is this the place?

Postcode TA4 1ET for satnav users live me…

Would someone please remind me on the 2nd of Jan that Iv commited to this?


Thats the place.

Will be there.


Anyone else up for this then?

I take it this is still on?
see ya there

I cant make this one, the gf needs the Saxo for work.

Hope those that go have a nice time :slight_smile: