Southwest meet?!

So… I’ve had a nose on the calendar for meets across the country and it seems the southwest is lacking a little.

Is there anyone from the southwest that would be interested in doing a minimeet even if its just a catch up and coffee and chat? I know there are a few others in the plymouth/Exeter/Bristol and even my area of Bude but these people might not be on here.

Any thoughts or comments welcome.

I’m in newport wales, but my gto isnt going to be done for a long time


Only just seen your post.I am near Barnstaple and would like to meet up with anyone local to chat about these cars.

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it’s a good idea. it’s a bit depressing how everything is getting cancelled just as the days are getting longer. I’m in the south east and same deal, mini breakfast meet in a county pub in Surrey or Sussex would be cool

in fact, there is a breakfast meet the 3rd Sunday of every month on the Surrey Oaks, I’m gonna do all of them from now probably, they do a decent breakfast anyway…

…assuming Boris don’t shut all the pubs!

Is it a just show up event or pre booked

just show up mate, I went to a few last year and people come and go throughout the morning, lots of different cars, bring what you like sort of thing

not seen another GTO there yet!

Think me and you are the south

i’m Bude and would be interested in meeting up with someone with knowledge about GTO’s. well once this isolating stuffs all over with


Thanks for your reply. We should meet up when this is all over but not sure when it will be?

I have two GTO cars,a N/A 1991 which I had for about 18 years although not used very much and a TT I bought about 8 years ago. I only run them occasionally as I have had company cars in the past,I am now retired.


CHris (gilbo52)