Spares and engine images added

I am posting this advert on behalf of my friends widow whose husband tragically was killed this month in a car accident. He was a keen Mitsubishi GTO/300GT enthusiast and as a result had built up a collection of spares and a car he was in process of preparing for racing. This car, the multitude of spares are available at extremely reasonable prices in order for her to be able to pay for his funeral costs, the money for which she has had to borrow.

Here are just some of the items for sale

Complete engine V6 twin turbo engine (2 bolt main) and 5 speed manual gearbox
Wheels and tyres
Body panels, bonnet, bumpers, wings etc
Alternators, starter motors
Rear screen
Leather and grey cloth seats, interior panels, carpets
Suspension parts
Complete single exhausts
Brake Calipers

We welcome anyone to come and view what they are interested in or photographs can be sent. This is a genuine reason for sale from this tragic set of circumstances and a great opportunity for someone perhaps to buy as job lot and sell on afterwards with greater knowledge.
I hope someone will be interested in being able to help
Any questions I will answer as best I can

Here are just some images more will be added soon

Thanks for looking

hi, sorry to hear of the sad circumstance of the sales, if you let us know roughly where abouts you are maybe a local member could pop around and advise you exactly what you have and how much it is worth to maximise the funds available to the widow. Also post as many pics as possible as they tell far more than any advertisment


Hi Paul

Thanks for your advice very helpfull. I will psot some pictures at the end of the week as you suggest. We are located in Brough near Hull.

Hi. I can only echo what Paul says in his post regarding the sale of your friends parts. I don’t need anything at the moment but want to offer you and your friends family our greatest sympathy.


hi there do you still the abs pump mr 205094

ps and you send my my condolenses

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