"special tool" for changing lifters?

Had a go at the lifters last night as it sounds like one in the back bunch has seized, have some 3mm lifters on there way, as I might as well upgrade if I’m going to be in there anyway. I was using the ol screwdriver levered on the cam to depress the valve springs and thought to my self there has to be a better way. I have heard there is a special tool for this job and was wondering if anyone here has ever seen one, has one or knows what it looks like? Is it worth getting ? and where could I get one?


there is a pattern for making one on this site somewhere!

Any clues ? :slight_smile:

Its here


Unfortunately its in the members only section. PM AlanGTO as he posted the pattern for the tool. He may be able to send you a pic.

Not sure if new users can access the link above so here it is if not…