Speedball 2006 - 18th - 22nd August

Dear All,

I know some get upset about people coming on here just to advertise, however, I hope that this appeals to you and some of your members gain benefit from it.

The event is called Speedball, and it is another version of the famous Gumball rally but without the £10-40k entry fees. It is around Europe in much the same way the Gumball is, it is just as hard, just as fun and just as involved and unlike other rallies that exist just in the UK, Speedball gives you the opportunity to drive abroad and this year to drive on a track.

This year the itinerary is as follows:

Day 1: London – Amsterdam
Day 2: Amsterdam – Prague
Day 3: Prague – Nurburgring
Day 4: A day spent at the Nurburgring onto Luxembourg
Day 5: Luxembourg – Welcome party

Entry fee is just £275 and this includes all the stickers for your car, ferry crossings, 2 embroidered shirts, the party, walkie talkies, a welcome pack, route packs and other goodies.

It is the second year the event has run and already we have a huge range of cars entered, from a Bentley, Ferrari, GTOs, Skylines to a BMW – it really is for everyone to get a taste of driving your car like it should be and a good opportunity to publicise your club!

For more information please visit http://www.speedball-rally.co.uk/ or contact us on [email protected]

Thank you for reading

George Nightingale

Well the closing date has now passed on this event, and there are 30 cars booked up for the event including six GTO’s.

Heres a taste of what we are in for:

Day 1

The starting point will be in the centre of London - Hyde Park; from there we will leave in convoy to Dover where we will make our way to onto the ferry to Dunkerque. Here a further briefing will be given and there will be time to get to know some of the other competitors better. From here we will drive to Amsterdam. Once in Amsterdam we book into our hotel and then we are free to explore everything that Amsterdam has to offer - should we wish!

Day 2

Leaving in the morning we will be facing the ‘endurance’ leg of the entire rally. Mainly motorway roads we will drive to Prague. In Prague we have hired out a very trendy restaurant/bar/nightclub for our use where everyone will meet and discuss our progress so far - long may the party continue here!

Day 3

This is the shortest days drive but it will give us time to explore Prague and what it has to offer and from there we then will cross back into Germany to the Nurburgring! So leaving Prague late morning we will take the short 6 hour trip to the Nurburgring where we will meet everyone at 'Joseph’s Bar’ for the night where we can once again party or take it easy in preparation for an exciting day on the track.

Day 4

A whole day will be dedicated to the Nurburg circuit, plus we will be able to see the Nurburgring museum, the F1 pit lane and then track time to push the car to its limit!! No rest though, as from here there is a drive to Hasselt in Belgium where once again we have hired out a restaurant/bar to party on and compare lap times!!

Day 5

Depart Hasselt towards Calais – The final day is a simple drive home to the SW of England where…yes you’ve guessed it…a huge party is organised with band, DJs and dinner.

Can’t wait now



That sounds fantastic Brendan :wicked:


Grrr I would love to do something like this but I am working that weekend at the British Birdwatching Fair. Speedball-Birdwatching? Ah well the Ospreys have it :cry: Have fun, it sounds like a good few days and maybe a feature for the newsletter!



That sounds fantastic Brendan :wicked:


Glad you are impressed Malcolm, as I will see you on it.

Janey, I will do a daily log of the event so you can use it for the next news letter.

This is the type of event I really look forward to, and is what being part of an owners club is all about . Three years ago was the last time the club went abroad when Andre organised the Le Manns event so the club is well overdue another European adventure, and I’m pleased to see that three of those (including myself) that went to Le Manns are going on this trip.

Full details of those going will be posted up later but I would suggest that if you need your car servicing get it done now and not in August. :wink:


The event is called Speedball,