Spoiler wanted bgw


Looking for a BGW SPOILER something different… any ideas or anyone got anything unusual they want to sell me that will fit ish?


You can get the 99 replicas on the bay of e , or you looking for something radical to go with the look ?

Craig :grinning:



Lol not quite so big…bit more steam lined but big


Something different bud was considering cosworth one becouse of how it sits on the back window not sure that would work.


That was a homage to time attack he said, but you could go smaller scale and how about a roof spoiler?


I don’t think our cars look right with roof ones…what am I saying… like it makes a difference to my car :smiley:



This could work as a high spoiler not sure about width it’s an escort mk 6 cos.


what about the sierra cosworth one looks similar might be a bit wider


A friend of mine was selling an R34 GTR spoiler not long ago. I can have an ask and see if he still has it?


Is it this one max ?


Just get the original they are only around £1.6k


That’s nearly as much as my cars worth Simon :smile:


Hmm spoiler or holiday , spoiler or holiday … Nope holiday wins , nice spoilers but that’s a ridiculous price :joy:

I would be beaten to a pulp if I tried to justify how much I paid for a spoiler lol

Craig :grinning:


Yup thats the one. He had it on his 200SX but it just looked wrong!


jerry that’s what I had planned for mine lol