Stainless exhaust needed for non turbo gto

hi im new here. im after a stainless exhaust for a 95 non turbo. 07973 294044 nick

That you have to get made if you want new

No one manufactures one for the Non Turbo any longer

Hi fella. Where you from? Tell us a bit about yourself and your car.

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Welcome to GTOUK and upload a picture or two of the car :wink:

hi im from Kidderminster. always been it to cars and run a haulage firm in Kidderminster called standard motor transport ltd. it all started 20 years ago with a j plate mr2 turbo. since then ive owned 25 plus cars. always fancied a gto or a 300z and in the end the gto won simply for looks, what a stunning shaped car and aged brilliantly. love the car, its a 95 plate with around 100,000 miles but still drives like new. its totally standard but induction kit went on today and transformed the car, now just needs a bit more noise. thanks for the welcome, hope to see you all soon.

nick from kiddy.

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Hi Nick, welcome along, there are quite a few of us around this area but before everyone gets ‘on yer case’ post some pictures up

Terry :sunglasses:

Hi mate welcome along…a wealth of information here don’t be afraid to ask away…and don’t forget PICTURES! Lol you will be hounded for them.
Dave :sunglasses: