Standalone ECU recommendations


I’m in the market for a standalone ECU. I’ve seen evil empire selling AEM ECUs with their custom harnesses and I’m also aware that Link makes G4 ECUs for which I can source a harness from the US (or if I’m really bored, attempt to make one myself). AEM seem to be a bit more expensive, whereas Link G4 Xtreme are slightly cheaper.

I was wondering if there any recommendations from members of the forum?
If any tunes have suggested or advised for or against a certain ECU.

Ultimately someone will have to tune it (not me since I’ll wreck it) and any suggestions on tuners/mappers in the UK to talk to about ECUs would be greatly appreciated!


Link dont do a 6 cylinder ecu, they are 4 cylinder hacked ones to duplicate settings onto the last pair

Ring rob at evil empire for a infinity ecu. Can be tuned by them too . Thats the way im going with mine :+1:

Hi Alex,

I see you have a few newbie posts on this car. The newbie section is really just for introducing yourself to the club and it’s members. Technical discussions like this are found in the technical section for full members only - and this time of year is the best time to sign up :+1:

As with club rules I am going to lock this thread.