Stephen Lang

Massive thank you Stephen Lang @SKL.

Our first automatic renewal was a great success.

Stephen was approached as a hosting company a cpl of years ago but he has gone far above this, the help to get this Website/Forum to where it is today cannot go unmentioned.

The support you give, the security you have in place regarding our data and to top it all a great lad.

Thank you for the help and input you have given. here’s to a long relationship with GTOUK.



I’m very grateful to be involved with this project and the club. As I’ve said all along - I enjoy the challenge this automated setup brings and I hope it’s made some people’s lives easier :slight_smile:

So thank you to Stevie and the club who have kindly thrown sprouts at Chrismas involved me in the club’s activities!

Cheers :beers:


As I said in the locked down part of the forum, you have been one of the best things to happen to gtouk and wish we could have had you on board sooner, everything is done quietly and efficiently in the background with no dramas or recognition seeking.

Keep up the good… No… Great work


ditto what Craig @CDMH said,

Don’t worry about the sprouts, it’s an acceptance into the club. It gets better :slight_smile:


Yes first sprouts then alcohol, chairs, tables and finally all of the above on fire, purely a sign of affection mind


As @stevie and @CDMH have said, well done.

Made it easier for me soon as you came on board, that other lot were impossible to deal with ( whatever others may have thought, they didn’t have to communicate with them on a professional basis)

For the time I was in a committee position, thank you @skl :+1:

Dave :kissing:


Its good to see why people are saying such good things about the forum, I know I’ve had issues :grin::grin:, yeah I know, I have serious issues :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: but @skl sorted them and now its great!!!

Great forum, great people, what could be better!!!

Terry :sunglasses:


I’ve only ever seen the forum in its current format but its always been easy to use and inviting.If you didn’t have a Gto this forum would make you wish you had. I’ve been in and out of other forums over the years and they don’t compare at all, nothing to encourage you back unless you were stuck. So fair play to everyone involved for creating a community which makes you feel secure in owning one of these cars.