Still some parts lying around for sale


guys I still have stuff off my last gtos for sale if any interest ,they are posted on the gto classifieds on face book aswell.
2x alternators £50 each
6 speed gear linkage £40
starter motor £30
steering rack £50
tt ecu 94 £100
engine mounts 3 small ones as new £70
4x rear diff bushes as new in packs £45
steering column with key £50
ecs ecu £40
coilpack £40
fuel tank £50
theres more control units and miscellaneous etc I can just box up and do a job lot for £50

prices add postage pick up prefered


Is ecs ecu ok? No broken transistors? If everythink fine, I will have it.


Yea mate was working fine when removed from car I can open up and take a pic for u


Cool pack fit my 1991 turbo?


Yes Tom coil packs will fit !


That will be great to see before buying. Send one for me please.


tom yea coilpack will be fine do you still want it ?


I could have replaced the diff bushes when the car was up on the 4 poster ramp and striped :thinking:


I’m ok mate, thanx thoe pal


@sco1gto, how about ecs ecu for me, please? Still waiting…


I cant find it mate god knows where I put it only had it the other week .once I find it ill get pics mate lol


lucas do you still need this ? I found it .opened it up all looks fine was working before I removed it .
I’m also goin to get a lot of my small stuff boxed up and do job lots on them to get rid :wink:



Lukas is on holiday at the moment Scott !


cheers spiros ill remember where it is now lol


Yes. I still want that ecs ecu :slight_smile:


@sco1gto Do you still have the fuel tank? I am looking at replacing my one as its covered with rust and corrosion, but want to make sure the replacement unit is at least in better condition. And does it come with the pump, and fittings?

Also where abouts are you? The size of a fuel tank isn’t something thats easy to post.