Stock bbs centre caps?

Hi, recently bought a mitsubishi GTO MR edition, and came with stock 17” bbs alloys, however the centre caps go in pretty loose, and i managed to lose one whilst driving /:

Does anyone know where to get a replacement??

Hi @jonny - welcome to the club and congratulations on your recent purchase.

As this is the newbie section perhaps introduce yourself and your car a little more - we all love to see pictures :grinning:

Regarding your wheel centre caps we have within the forum we have a wanted section where members can ask about parts etc… this section is only available to fully subscribed members with is £20 p/a and can be purchased from the club shop along with other bits and pieces.


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Sounds good will join the club :+1:t2:



They are bbs from a MR these were a Mitsubishi special

Part number MR171415



Welcome to Membership Jonny :+1:

Tracie :paw_prints: :paw_prints: :paw_prints:

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Found online, but there’s a few chassis number, none of Z15A?