Strange wire

Hi All
Can you help please , I have found on either side of boot what looks like a twin core wire with what looks like a pair of small extendable aerials which are just loose . What are they and where do they live or fix too.
They have Mitsubishi wrote on them
Many thanks Mick

You got a pic?
Would help a lot in identification.

No I cant load one over but have followed cables back to stereo system and they terminate with a pair of plugs which look like the ones on end of earphones for a mobile , but I have four of them

Sounds to me like it had a TV set up the little aeirels would prob be mounted in the boot most TV car systems require 2 to keep reception I have fitted them in the past they have earphone style jacks at end. Nothing to do with the gto so pull them or forget them.
Cheers dave

Many thanks Dave , yes they are in the boot on either side but have Mitsubishi printed on them which made me think standard , factory fit or optional extra
ah well