Street Nationals & Jap Drag Series

Guys n gals

Sorry for the late notice but this weekend the 12th and 13th of May as above is the street nationals. Part of the street nationals is the Jap drag series which as you know I’m entered in. Gates open at 8 AM and racing generally finishes by 6 PM. We will be staying over and I believe some of the spectators do also.

I didn’t know whether the white car would be running again until yesterday, hence the late notice, but the car is in running order although possibly not at full strength. either way it will be there representing 3000GTs and GTOs.

Anyone wishing to come along can do so either as a spectator or there is a run what you brung element to the weekend as well.

It will be good to see anyone who wishes to have a run up the strip or spectate, I will be there with Mark Callister from Eurospec plus possibly one other.


According to information from a certain other forum , andre has done rather well and beaten bens uk record :slight_smile: . Well done that man. :bandance:

Andre had a few shakedown runs then did a 10.35 @ 143 mph!:-

From what I can tell Ben’s previous best was 10.38 @ 142 mph. (? Shakespear Oct 2009?). Edit Ben did a 10.30 at 139 at Elvington 2010.

Andre did a few more runs after but had gear selection issues.

Awesome day. I cannot believe how quiet it was at the Pod with some mega machinery doing 8 second runs.


Good stuff .

Especially considering its only the cars second outing

Craig :slight_smile:

Just a quick update, I ran a 10.35 @ 143.38 Mohammed with a baby launch. Mark Callister said with a committed launch it was a 9 all day long.

We dd hit some gear selection problems later on but hopefully we have fixed them. Tomorrow will tell

I qualified for the 1/4 finals and the good newsis that James Willday , the guy I was drawn against has broken, so as long as I break the timing beams I’ll be through to the semi finals!

I qualified 5th behind a 9.2, 9.4, 9.5, and a 10.1 but I didn’t make it out for the last round of qualifiers.


For people like me that have no clue , is it fastest time that wins or first to finnish ? Or is it time based for qualifiers then first across the line in the finals ? Best of luck for today :smiley:

Yes it’s the latter. Qualifying is done by ET (the actual time taken from breaking the start beam to crossing the finish line. 1/4s semis and finals are won by being the 1st to cross the line from when the lights go green.


some slow motion video of a couple of launches on the R888s, spin grip spin grip…


great video’s, you can really see the break in traction, especially the in the 2nd vid. it almost looks like the suspension needs to be stiffer?


Tough call as stiffer springs can lead to more spin. Slowing the transfer of weight might be better as well as maximizing the contact patch


Here’s the in car video of the 10.35 @ 143.38


I really like the view from within the car, your car is really quick but what sort of time did the RX7 make, that looked just seriously fast.


He won it. He ran a bunch of low 9s

The quickest guy, James Willday broke. He ran 8.82 @ 160 last round


Excellent work Andre. Your hard work and patience looks like it’s gonna pay off. Great figures, but from a layman such as me, that car is easily closing on 9’s with what seems like plenty to spare.
I had the good fortune very recently to be standing next to “the one” last Thursday when I called in at Ben’s. Congrats mate, what a superb car.


Thanks Mike