Strut Brace (modified)


I have one of @stevie strut braces for sale that was modified as a one off from the batch so it clears the cx intercooler pipework , mine bolts to the drivers side solenoid bracket as opposed to the passenger side mounting position .

As such it wasn’t powdercoated as it was going to be hydro dipped , I never got around to fitting it and it won’t fit my Range Rover either , though it could sit on the drive where the Range Rover should be :joy:

I’m looking for £80 and can bring to TOTB ,

As it’s in primer it’s upto you what colour you want it .

Collection really unless you want to arrange your own courier , last time I walked into a post office with a similar sized implement armed police were called and it all got a bit messy when I said you won’t take me alive and I threw cadburys cream eggs at them while shouting "fire in the hole "

Craig :slightly_smiling_face: