Struts and mounts

Rob, just checking that the struts and mounts you ordered for me have been sent down to Sumiyaka. I’m driving down to have them fitted this weekend… I’ve PM’d you as well!

Replied and im calling you now

Cheers Rob

Re: my text. How about a Sunday lunchtime meet in Epping on my way down to Sumiyaka? That would take out all the variables like DHL messing up. 1.30ish in the George and Dragon, Epping High Street?

That sounds good to me… :lol: 8)

Not far from me at all

And then I thought wicked I can play down the A414 on my GSXR 1000

Then had that sinking feeling you have when you realise that GSXR 1000’s don’t handle too well with half a tonne of GTO suspension strapped to them.

Though thinking about it I turned up the TV2004 with a whole load of stock Gaffer taped to various parts of it….MMMMMM

I wonder………

Cheers Rob

Bring a car. I’d hate it if you fell off your bike with my bits on the back…
So, see you there on Sunday then?