Suffolk newbie


Hi, I have finally decided to make a post on here.

I brought my first gto on new years eve, very good start to the new year, lots of smiles, you will see me driving about mainly around bury st edmunds, will be around Suffolk and occasionally up in wisbech and at a few local events.

It is a 1992 silver gto (import) twin turbo, it is almost completely standard apart from the exhaust, CD player and car alarm, I do not currently have any better pictures other than these.

It has given me 800 miles of joy so far without any issues, but there are a few little bits that need sorting, like with any car.

My list of thing to get it perfect again before I start to modify it are:
Sort of the lifter ticking (mk3 lifter are going to be ordered next week)
Find why the drivers window is not engaging, draws power and can hear the motor running
Refit the panel at the top by the boot (which hold the rear window fluid sprayer)
Sort out the wiring for CD player
Fix/order a new climate control

I have already met a fellow gto owner, he came in and asked me about it while I was at work, but I don’t think he is on here, he has recommended evil empire for anything and been told he will talk to me for ages about these cars.

I’m really looking forward to being part of the owners club and meeting all of you and your cars, maybe steal some inspiration on how i want mine to end up.


Welcome to the group good looking car :+1:


Welcome, I’m only down the road from you in Norwich. I drive a modified grey mk1 tt which is currently for sale, but potentially might be broken up for parts


Welcome buddy you’ve got a nice example


Welcome , nice car.


Welcome along, your car looks ace, the Climate control is as rare as rocking horse doo dah! Repairing them seems to be impossible, even though a company out there says they can repair them @Daveperkins has other ideas.

Terry :sunglasses:


Hi Luke

Welcome to the club

I am only on the phone for ages because people ask me questions about their car !!

I do a monthly meet if you don’t mind a drive each month, but a ex owner off here used to drive to essex each month from Cardiff !!

Cheers Rob


Welcome to GTOUK Jason… Luke :joy: :+1:


Hi @jason5
Welcome to GTOUK.
Nice looking car.
Your list of jobs to do before you modify is nice and small. Mine started like that and for every one I ticked off another 3 appeared :joy:

The forum project and restoration thread is a great way of keeping track of where you go with your car build and is great history to be able to look back on. It’s also great for members to be able to follow your journey.


Welcome Jason.
Nice motor.
Look forward to seeing your build.


Thank you everyone.

It’s a shame your selling/breaking your gto Luke, hopefully some one will buy it and keep it within the group, did have a little nose at it, it looks good.

I have noticed there seems to only be a few climate controls about and even they are expensive or unknown if they are working.

I will be the same as the others Rob, asking you all the questions about the car and trying to find out more, I will try to come to the monthly meets, you will have to let me know when the next one is and I will try to come along.

Yea I have a feeling it’s going to be do one and others will show, but then I brought this car knowing they can/are high maintenance if they haven’t been looked after. But I shall make a project thread, I like to see how it’s progressed and hopefully be able help some else who need it’s.