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Hiya.I have a 1992 n/a.
I want to raise it to go off road on my farm.had to many quads nicked and this cars just sitting in a barn growing dust.
So has it been dine before?
I have good engineering skills and am a pukka welder.
All your ideas will be very welcome before I start the project.
Thanks fur reading

Hi @jules2 - welcome to the club and congratulations on your purchase.

As this is the newbie section perhaps introduce yourself and your car a little more - we all love to see pictures :grinning:

Regarding your idea I have never seen it but I guess everything is possible! within the forum we have a projects section where you can catalog your project and progress etc… this section is only available to fully subscribed members with is £20 p/a and can be purchased from the club shop along with other bits and pieces.


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