Supercars at wilton house - 2010

Hi All,

Is anyone going to this, it was a great day out last year.

August 14th


I will be going again.

I’m organising a convoy, like we had last year with 3 meeting/pickup points on the way : to Wilton house sat 14th.

Ill try and meet up with you this time :smiley: It was a great suggestion last year.


Yea would be nice mate.

You joining the convoy as well ?

We will not be joining the convoy, that would be nice but were coming from the other side of the country.

Karim My gto is still not back on the road after last years wilton house run . i think if you dig deep the 100 plus from hyde park have some thing special. You might have to fill up with super v and turn the boost right up because 155mph wont see you in the top 100. Verons? Zondas? Enzos? Mc larens? Many millon pound supercars. Best wishes Phillip (silver surfer)

Karim If you get a chance speak to harish or jaykay we must have a GTO in the top hundred from Hyde park Best wishes Phillip (silver surfer)