Tailgate, rear lower moulding

It’s a longshot, I understand these are hard to come by, but I’m after a replacement rear lower moulding piece for the tailgate.

Part no: mb645280

Does Cheng Shu not make these as replicas?

Havn’t heard of Cheng Shu, an aftermarket supplier I assume?

Will have a quick google.

A lady on Facebook that is a supplier of chinese copies of door weatherstrips and rear hatch strips.

Just looked and seems like it’s only the top strip she does.

Thanks Joe, my top strip is also pretty worse for wear (although not leaking as far as I can tell.

i’ll take a look at this.

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Apparently not as good a quality as window seals were.

Looks like she does the lower too from this post


I might be able to get an OEM one cheaper, have a few sites to follow up on. Definitely comforting to know these exist though.

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