TBDev/MissBanzai/SkyInsurance Jap Meet +Tunnel Run

Right guys and gals i am proud to announce that this months jap meet will be done conjunction with Miss Banzai jap club and skyinsurance, and will also incorpoate a tunnel run .

Sky insurance are donating a bottle of bubbly and box of choccies for car of the night and runner up so get polishing guys, also i thought it would be a good thing to mention this is for charity so bring your wallets and dig out any spare change you have lying down the back of the sofa as there will be some collection buckets.

the details are as follows:

The moment you have all been waiting for… the event of 2009! (Well so far anyway)
Yep you have guessed it… another infamous MissBanzai Tunnel Run!

Date: Saturday 28th Feb
Time: 8:30pm expected to leave no later than 10pm
Meeting point: Thurrock Services
J30/31 M25
Arterial Road
West Thurrock
RM16 3BG

There will be maps and details of the route but to qualify for one of these there is a minimum donation of £4 with all of the money going to charity.

The Charity details:
The Myositis Support Group is a UK charity providing advice and support to sufferers of Dermatomyositis, Polymyositis, Inclusion Body Myositis and Juvenile Dermatomyositis and their families. The MSG also funds and promotes medical research that improves diagnosis, treatment, management and understanding of these diseases.
Charity Registration No 327791

Please take the time to go to…

and register your donation which will qualify your car to enter the Tunnel Run and give you a map for the route…

Quick notes…
If you have never done a tunnel run before the following is a good thing.
Remember you will be following typed instructions, with possibly a few sat ■■■■ locations and a few pics of maps.
We cannot supply map books to everyone, so a map book of London of your own would be a really useful thing to have in the car.
Also a co-pilot is rather vital… you will be driving round London on a Saturday night so someone to read you directions and point out road names helps loads!
Walkie Talkies… these are not only really handy, but really good fun as well.
SimonAirHeadz is the man to speak to with regards to what type you need.

If you have never done a Tunnel Run before, the aim of the night is to drive round London taking in as many tunnels as possible, and making as much noise as possible whilst going through them

We must note that the Tunnel Run is NOT a race, MissBanzai tbdevelopments and skyinsurance do not condone any unsafe or dangerous driving.

Please cut and paste this on any other forums that you may be a member of as all clubs are welcome.

And don’t forget… it is in Feb, the weather could be very cold so bring the thermal undies.

i look forward to seeing you all there guys so as usual lets get a list together of who is up for it.

(1) Essexgt4

im up for this but never done 1 before. could do with a pro co-man if poss. if not ill go with some1 as thier co-man. any takers

tunnel runs are easy bud all u need is someone who can read maps and simple instructions.
u should def come it will be an awsome night plus its for a very good cause.

Done a few with the Piston Heads guys… great fun, as long as it’s done safely. You should definately try it. :slight_smile:

wonder how many i can pull over with ma lights :stuck_out_tongue:

Up for another one? :wink:

Rich :slight_smile:

anyone up for this… im going along, got a mate going in his gto and a friend in the civic, anyone else from the club??

also whats the best walky talky’s are best :slight_smile: