Technical section

MOST OF THE TECHNICAL SECTION IS MISSING Best wishes Phillip (Silver Surfer)

It looks fine to me at the moment. You got a screen grab?

In plain ENGLISH what is screen grab when i went on wheels for another member it said go to 3SI in America Best wishes Phillip (Silver Surfer)

7 of the 11 sections says opps broken go to 3SI in America Best wishes Phillip (Silver Surfer)

Just had a look and I can’t see anything wrong.

A screen grab is when you press the Print Screen button on your keyboard. It saves a copy of what is on your screen to the clipboard.

If you press Print Screen and then open up something like Microsoft Paint or similar then you can paste the image of your screen there. Then cut out the bits you don’t need and upload the image to the site. Best to save it as a .jpg first to reduce the file size.

Hope that helps,


I can see all the technical sections here.


I can see them all fine as well, maybe something on your PC?


Technically I would say there could be something Technically wrong with your computer

It’s seems ok for me… 13 different sections if you include Projects and anything else. :wink: