Temporary Insurance

I really need some temporary insurance for my 1991 Non Turbo GTO, so far insurers either only acknowledge the 1992 onwards 3000GT Twin Turbo or tell me to get lost because it’s an import. Would really appreciate some help, it’s just gone up on a flatbed to have a refurbished engine put in and I’d like to drive it back when it’s ready.

i used o use a company called dayinsure mate. they sorted me out on the gto

Thanks, they won’t insure me either though, got something to do with my age. Really frustating considering I can get a full policy no problem.

how old are you then?

No short term insurers I know if will cover an import. Try your own insurance company and enquire about a temporary additional vehicle.


Sky Insurance


I’m 27 Chris.

I’ve had it brought down on a flatbed now but I will try a temporary vehicle on my current insurance if I want to take it for a spin in the future.