Thank you all for making this a great club

I just want to say thank you to all the people that make this such a good club not just the people running it but the people that talk and help out

I joined a Celica club and its shown me just how good this club is I put up a post in new members a couple of days ago with pics and not had a single reply compared to this site when it’s a couple of hrs for a few reply’s

So thank you to all the people running this club and all the members that make it such I good club:+1:


Always a great feeling when a post like this goes up thanks @alec_shewan.

The basic structure of the club set up many years ago has proven to work, with a few changes as technology advances.

How come we are still a great club and even to this day we strive to keep it up there?

Basically it’s you guys, the club is what it is because of its members. Content created by it’s members and Admin voted by it’s members. We have a Constitution and rules again set up by members many years ago.

I’m not saying we are perfect, as there always are egotistical little shites out there that come along, but we as members seem quick to suss them.

The forum is a fantastic platform for us with a very large data base backed up, drag and drop facility and of course we have major security in place monitoring 24/7.

Keep safe everyone enjoy being part of something great you all contribute to.



Well said Alec, Steve’s absolutely right in his response to you. From my perspective, I will also add that I am so very grateful to Steve, who has steered this Club through some pretty difficult times, as many of our membership may remember. Also Tracie, who has always been there not only to support Steve, but also to offer support to us, and whom has also ridden out some turbulent times in the past.
Simon, I haven’t forgotten you either. Your experience and wisdom has always shone through during some of the most difficult or awkward times.
And then there’s our other Committee members…….Jensen and Craig in particular, both of whom have been so active and helpful on this Forum, thankyou to all of you.
Now, where’s the sick bucket? :smiley::smiley::smiley:
Thanks again,



As always thank you Mike @dodgemonkey .

The committee are a dedicated team to help this club, but come April we will be looking for others to take on the roles we have, again I reiterate the club is run by the members.
Having any kind of hierarchy or people who think they are bigger and better than anyone running a club even free ones, eventually are heading for disaster.

Through this club I have met and become very good friends with members, people where without GTOUK our paths would never have crossed.

Without going over the old ground when the club split, I will tell you a story (only short lol)

At JAE a few years ago both myself and Simon @3000gt were sat having a beer or two, we both agreed that despite what personal grievances came our way it was worth it. Seeing how our club stand, cars and image of the GTOUK stood out from the norm.
I remember saying to Simon when my time came to leave the club, I would love to see it continue and grow knowing we had a part in it’s success. He completely agreed.

It is much easier helping to run the club nowadays, with the help from you guys.

Steve & Tracie


Nice one @alec_shewan, have been a member here for ages and as @dodgemonkey and @stevie say, big ego’s don’t last long and same, have made friends with loads of people, again if it wasn’t for 'UK I would have never met. Some are nuts, some are quiet but as a collective its great.

Rock on 'UK

Terry :sunglasses:


Kettle @just_cool :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:



:rofl::rofl::rofl: how did you know I was saying that about you @stevie :flushed::flushed::flushed:


Terry :sunglasses:


Nothing more to say as it’s all been said. Like terry @just_cool I have finally found an asylum that has let me in :joy::joy::joy::joy: