Thank you Andy and Neil

I would like to thank both @Beanus and @NAS.

First Andy, thanks for taking time to drop off parts to me last night and keeping me informed about the other parts. Really helped me out as my car is now sorted and running again!

Neil has been really helpful with parts and organsing things for me recently. As well as keeping me up to date.

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Good to hear the new starter worked and you can drive your car again, beats driving a mum car about hey. Let me know if those speakers sound any good as I’m looking to upgrade my system in the near future. Neil will let you know when he gets the bits off Geraint.

I need to find out how many of those earth leads came in the box as don’t want to sell you short.

Speak soon


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I’ve had a little look regarding the earthing kits. They all seem to be at least 7 leads, @GSXRKID may know.

Depends on the brand,I posted up the install manual a few years back, sure you can find it on the search facility somehow.

They are AUTOLEADS blue ones. I’ll have a look around but there aren’t any left inside or around the top of the engine bay. Can’t see any on the fuel tank either.

I’d like to thank Andy & Neil too! Thanks guys for organising & dropping my lights off :blush:

Me too!!! Plenum, rocker cover and glovebox arrived safely today. Plenum had found its way through the bottom of the box but no harm done! Thanks @NAS and @Beanus

Hi Max,

Really, glad its ok any problems though let me know.


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