Thank you Marty

After a bad start to the silverstone classics weekend with d/s window and abs failure followed up with a dose of stuck down front active aero (a known issue but caught the button causing a scrape :confounded:)
I then got sunburnt, then in the rain the next day I got sore feet due to walking around with wet feet all day.
At this point nothing else could go wrong…
Untill we went to leave the show.
As I drove the car off the ramps the clutch failed.
Marty had planned to leave early but seeing my issue stuck around to help me out.

We found some fluid and Marty helped strip the car so he could bleed the clutch.
Got a load of air out and I managed to get home.
Thank you Marty!
Really shows what great members and club spirit we have here with GTOUK.


Top bloke !

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Not a problem.
Glad it got you home.


Well done Marty, was sorry to hear about the clutch but hope its maybe better now.

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WD Marty.

Hope you get your car sorted Jensen.
A bad day can only get better - at some point.