Thank You Rob

Well I’ve finally got the front calipers overhauled - they’re back on the car now and the groaning noise has gone - yippee.

The front calipers have loads of bite now and the pistons are really free. I took my time over cleaning them up and painting the calipers in a nice blue colour with white mitsi logos - so they look as well as they perform now.

On the downside, I still have a bit of judder from the front discs - so once I’m back from my holidays, (going to Rhodes on the 9th July), and have saved up some cash, I’ll be putting new discs and pads in.

Also a big THANK YOU to Rob at EE for his advice and supplying the necessary overhaul kit so quickly - cheers mate, we’ll speak soon to sort the DBA discs and ferrodo pads out.