Thank you to


I personally would like to say thank you to @lukas for his help at the NEC and his dedication to the Club.

Year on year he attends the NEC Event without his car on the stand but is there helping set up on the Thursday and the last one to leave on the Sunday, yes he is local, but he also has a wife and kids.

He’s also stored at his home between each NEC event and brought back to the NEC the stand carpet, a big ask for a man with a family, but Lukas just does it without any complaint or fuss.

Inbetween set up and take down he is full on, arrives at the show every morning and hoovers the stand, chats to all the public, giving members lifts to and from where we are eating and to and from the show for Kevin so he can take his car home on the Sunday.

If all that isn’t enough he’s also so enthusiastic and happy all the time.

Thank you @lukas you’re a star.



Second that, good stuff Lukas.


Top lad :grin::grin::grin:


Thank you Lukas


Well done lukas , time and time again you have shown your passion for the club and its people :sunglasses:

lukas for Prime minister !!!

Only downside to you mate is when you get the munchies late at night and eat all the club food :joy:


we all love you car wash


I think he deserves his car on the stand for the dedication!


As I said to Lukas at the weekend, we need it there for the November show, I know he’ll do everything he can for it to be ready, if not definitely on the stand in March.



You are not far from the mark there @CDMH this lad has such an appetite, on Saturday morning he paid £24 for a Full English because he added so many extras, extra everything basically :joy:

On Sunday he realised it was £10 cheaper just to order 2 Full English and that he did, and not much later he was ‘fancying’ a pizza :joy::joy::joy:



New committee member

Stop messing about and get it done


Thank you all. It is just pleasure.