Thanks for the welcome & hope to meet up with you all at some point


Just about to buy my first gto, can anyone recommend an insurance company? Buying it from a bloke who’s a member here Raja gto, don’t know if anyone knows anything about the car? Cheers, Andy

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#3 has quite a bit about it in the projects and restoration pages…

Insurance catagories are also best place to check out our insurance provider.

Welcome to GTOUK :+1:


Welcome to GTOUK Andrew :+1:


Welcome along Andrew, got to be a bit mad here, it helps :grin::grin:

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Hi andrew thanks for being gtouk members on my instructions.
Here’s will all help you with everything and i can keep eyes on my love car and will know it’s with good home.

Look for raja gto for my project and i has also send screenshot picture of my project


I did send you insurance company names and gto all trader on what’s app.
For all new part are evil empire.
Rest all i will explain when you coming to collect were to buy all parts