Thanks to stevie, Tracy, colin, craig


Massive thanks to @stevie and @Tracie for making and bringing strutt brace to agm.
@CDMH for turbo pipes
@Colin_GTO for rad and a lovely present of a model gto…
Now where’s that left over wrap…

Oh and thanks for all the other junk i bought home @3000gt :joy:


Maybe just me, but I really feel there’s a more helpful feeling’ within the Club these days, see it when I read the forum every day, members helping other members.

Just makes you feel nice whether it’s you helping, or seeing others help.

Thanks for the thanks Dave, it was a big scary task Steve took on, worried about quality and most important the fitting on cars with various bay mods, so it’s great to hear people are pleased with the result.

Tracie :snail:


Hes no need to worry they fit just fine


Looks great Scott. Looking forward to see it in the flesh at Japfest.

Tracie :snail:


No problem mate , cheers for the injectors and sorting those gaskets out , I still owe you for Lala too so we need to sort that out on fb :wink:


Eh…ooh :dizzy_face::joy::joy::joy:


You might find a packet of fags in there too , that Lala was a chain smoking booze addled animal


Lol there was 1 left, found a mobile phone in there too​:triumph: oh no that’s​ @stevie dept :sob: