Thanks Tracie Japshow Finale


Thank you @Tracie for organizing this event. I had no time involved in sorting this due to work and a cpl of health issues.

What an event, great turnout and yet again a fantastic atmosphere. The spot this year was right, great traffic and acknowledgement from the public.

Those of you that haven’t yet managed any meets, don’t be shy. We are a great bunch of guys and gals :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the Xmas Do.



Thanks very much Tracie


Yeah well done tracie,tend to forget someone is behind the scenes beavering away sorting these events,the last ‘‘car’’ event of the year for the club always has mixed emotions for me,enjoy the event but know i wont be seeing any of you again at a car show for ages.


Great that you took the baton and organised this for us , we had a great turnout for the club

Thank you @Tracie

Craig :sunglasses:


Felt the same Scott, I know you do plenty of locals getting your car out there and flying the flag, but it’s not the same as chewing the fat with GTOUK buddies.

ALL THE MORE REASON TO GET THAT NEWLY FOUNDED SKINNY ASS TO THE XMAS PARTY, just saying Slimcea Man :joy: we had Scott Mk2 last year, we expect Mk1 & Mrs Mk1 this year, yes, that was, EXPECT :kissing_heart:

Tracie :rabbit:


OK OK,count us in,better order a tux then and really go for it



Scott b4





already looking for hideous jumpers


Thank you @Tracie was a great turnout and good to see everyone

Mark :grinning:


Fantastic effort all round, huge responce online this weekend… results will be published tomorrow about just what amazing results we achieved tomorrow :+1:
No show :sob: