Thankyou Enda


I would personally like to give you a Thankyou for the Nod to the site and your appreciation of the committee.

It means a lot to us on the committee for the work we do and also a lot of work that goes on in the background that people don’t see .

Much appreciated mate :+1:




I agree, reading your comment about our Club and the running of it on another platform makes all we do worthwhile.

Thanks for your vote of confidence @enda.

Tracie :paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints:


No thanks required, you guys run a great club with great members. Proud to be part of it.
Have a great xmas.


You too mate , hope you and your family have a great relaxing Christmas :tada::sunglasses:


I’m sure the GTOUK Committee knows how I feel. Well done Enda for your comments. I echo your comments, and thank the Committee for their fantastic work in the support of this great Club.
Thank you all.
Time to put ya feet up for a while now, and enjoy Christmas and the festive season.
All the very best,



Hi enda
Hope you are well. I think you are from Ireland as am I (well in jan next year when I move back from oz)

Have always wanted a 3000 gto and now they are in classic car land so low tax and insurance in Ireland

Would you ever have time to have a chat


Hi David, yes I’m from Ireland, in the Midlands, you’re welcome to give me a call or a WhatsApp 0879485090.
Also check out
Mitsubishi gto Group Ireland on facebook


Ah lovely. Thank you very much. Let me put it in the diary for when I’m back in Ireland otherwise I’ll be spending months salivating over the car I can’t to do anything about!

Quick question though, planning to get a 91 or before model to get the classic car, are they reliable and are they okay as a daily driver?

I have a 93, altho mine is a mk2 block, it is reliable and done well for me the last 6 months as a daily, 4000 miles, but they do tend to use a bit of fuel, just keep up with service and you will be alright

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