Thankyou you lovely lot

Don’t want to start a sentimental post but would just liketo say cheers to you all over the years .

The Xmas do was my last meet in any official/ full time capacity as a member .

I won’t be at many meets next year , I may drop in though like the ghost of Christmas past so you will still have to stay on your toes when you feel that cold chill on your shoulder :joy:

This years meets have been ■■■■■■ excellent and if the one to bow out was the Xmas do I can’t complain at that

It was great to see the new blood get straight in at the deep end and get into the "thick of it " shows that the club is still as strong as it was .

The old guard are thinning out , great photo of myself @stevie and @3000gt , along with @Tracie we have been the main stay of the club for many many years .

I’m still renewing , as for me in my opinion spending 20 quid to see the club continue is well worth it .

One of you lovely lot needs to step up and take over my moderating rights on the forum , so form a queue please , you can either be as friendly as me or angry depending on your view :joy::ok_hand:

I’m not going anywhere as such but will be quietly observing in the background taking a back seat , unless @jensen360 posts something then it would be rude not to reply :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For those others I’m staying on Facebook so be careful what you post as I will still quite happily take your posts to the gutter .

I’ve met some ■■■■■■ fantastic people over the years many of those I’m still mates with even if they are no longer in th club .

For all you new guys , embrace the club , get out there and get involved , you won’t meet a better bunch of people



Craig u still pissed?? :joy::joy::joy:


I fully understand where your coming from @CDMH, but want to say a few things here.

Seeing and standing with you to serve our club with a full heart and passion all these years, I couldn’t have wished for a better comrade.

Your time as a Committee Member, Moderator and Member was always seen as 100%.

Not forgetting times in the past with disgruntled ex members, lawsuits & so on. Stress that is not seen behind the scenes.

Always there to help, meets especially over nights ones, you were there to make new members welcome, doing your best to create an atmosphere (basically being an arse). I say this with humour as most of my memories good ones I might add.

A sad day for the club as me and you along with @Tracie & @3000gt , have had major history keeping this club going and on track to being one of the best clubs out there.

I know you will be still around and even turn up at some meets but you will always be welcome buddy.

Enough said now as Craig has said it’s time for others to come forward and help where Craig has left off.

Good luck for the future mate



Well Craig, it may not have been your intention to start a sentimental post, but for those of us who have known you for so long, it is.

Steve and I have known you for many years now, and over those years you have become one of, if not ‘the’, closest friend we have, in or out of the Club.

We were only saying at the weekend weren’t we, you and Steve have consecutive membership numbers, which must have been fate as you have been side by side, partners in crime :rofl: ever since.

Over those years we’ve had many, many laughs and created some great memories, both at Club meets and the times you visited us in Sheffield, I’m confident we will add to those when you next visit as you are ALWAYS welcome at Parkin Towers, and I mean that sincerely.

We know your life took a slight change of direction when you bought the caravan for more family time and holidays and when you got rid of your car, not having a car though has never been an issue that affected your loyalty and dedication to the Club, as, for you it was never about the car, it was about the Club and the people.

Before I finish, one of the memories from JAE 2014, this was funny.

See you soon young man, don’t be a stranger or we’ll hunt you down :kissing_heart:

Tracie :hugs:


Not as funny as @stevie piggy back partner :joy::joy::joy: nearly killed him


You just had to make me do it didn’t you Craig :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Tracie :joy:


Been with this club for ages now and if, to me, there was one person you could rely on it would be you. I am not dissing @stevie, @3000gt, @Tracie and others here, just that you were first to help and you lived the closest.

Whatever you do from here Craig I wish you all the best, family life does come first and you only get one chance to watch your kid grow up, quality time is a must, I mean, you could mould Kieron into a mini you, no, that would be too much, two of you, shiyte!!!

Terry :sunglasses:


@just_cool how could you ever diss me, you wouldn’t know when the next meet was :joy::joy::joy::joy::kissing_heart:



I know :rofl::rofl::rofl: you’d tell me :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Terry :sunglasses:


Glad to hear you’ll be staying on mate, all be it in the background. We’ve had some great times over the years. Hopefully our paths will cross again at a meet sometime.

Also thanks for all your hard work getting the club where it is now.



Remember my first nervous AGM, one of the first people i met after Steve and Tracy, was this bald skinny chap, welcomed me into the bosom of the club with open arms…
That was the then soba Craig… on his sabatical :rofl: ( much has changed since)

Since then he’s been an absolute arsehol :rofl: constantly harassing me on Facebook late into the night, takin the ■■■■ out if my rice achievements and generally being one of the nicest fwends in my circle ( which was a very small one, infact I used to talk to myself b4 GTOUK)

@CDMH. Friends/club in that order always :+1:

See you in my nightmares mate :heart:

Dave x

Oh and just incase you forgot… Tesco’s will go down in club history :rofl: