The Dukes of Sherbone Castle

Been mega busy with work so only just getting round to putting a post on following Sherborne Classic. Although I couldnt make it to the Birthday Bash, I was able to get down to Sherborne Castle on Sun 15th which is fairly local to me, for an afternoon of classic cars. Thought I’d post the story of @bigton3000 shortcut to the event.

So I’m in Sherborne at 8am at a BP garage with about 10 Mustangs and various other classics. The queue to get to the event is pretty big, its a hot morning and I’m wishing I had a convertible (@stevie envy). I text @bigton3000 tony because we’ve agreed to meet somewhere to go in together. Tony directs me to the other side of Sherborne to a spookily quiet Texaco garage and we enter the castle via the tradesmans entrance:

This looks like the right entrance

I think the chap is genuinely pleased to see such beautiful cars passing through:

Some beautiful roads, like an episode of Top Gear :ok_hand:

And then some gravel roads…just the good ol’ boys…never meaning no harm…(Thats the theme to Dukes of Hazard)

Until we come to a no entry and a man in a hi-viz vest who points to the end of the queue of around 1500 cars

But he’s a very nice man who appreciates that we’re not millionaires in Lambos and Ferraris ignoring the rules, but good, honest, GTO drivers trying to get our ageing cars to a place where they can cool down. We’re in!

Then we happen across another red GTO and the Marshalls kindly put us all together. Welcome Andy who got his GTO a few months ago and taking a first proper trip out. He’s met some of you at the NEC show last year. So then there were 3… and to be fair our cars got a lot of attention

This was my fave car in top trumps when i was a kid, looks a bit dated now:

So as a final note;
Firstly big thanks to Tony @bigton3000 for getting a slot there and getting me in so quickly and having a good laugh on the day, really enjoyed it.

Secondly: Just wanted to mention his enthusiasm for the club, whether its handing out leaflets or promoting the club, forum, cars etc. good ambassador for GTOUK, cheers buddy.